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Extra Digit's 4-3-2-1 Countdown To Financial Freedom Transforms Lives By Revealing The Rules Of The Wealthy  

Whether you choose to use MWR Financial's experts or not, the "3 Up & 3 Down" approach to wealth is a MUST. Allow our experts to:

  • Lower Your Taxes, Debt & Expenses
  • Raise Your Credit Score, Income & Assets

Why not save your most valuable assets: Time & Money?

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"It Was The Perfect Fit" - Roy Jones, Jr.

“When Roy Jones Jr. and I partnered up to join the Extra Digit Movement, we felt like it was the perfect vehicle to spread rules of the wealthy that have been hidden from our community for years! Roy Jones Jr saw our “3 up & 3 down” approach to wealth building and signed up on the spot to help others reach his level of financial success!” - Alterric Hayes


"Everything A Business Owner Needs In One Place" - Aisha Floyd

This system allowed me to separate and increase my personal and business cashflow. The experts at MWR Financial helped me:

  • Lower My Taxes By $204 Per Month
  • Put My 10 Year Old Daughter On Payroll
  • Save HUNDREDS On Monthly Bookkeeping

"Every business owner should use the MWR Financial Membership and it's experts to Save, Make & Grow their finances." 


A Tax Professional’s Perspective

My company’s tagline is “We Strive to Maximize.” As a tax professional and an affiliate/partner of MWR Financial, we are able to solve so many of American’s problems when it comes to their finances.

  • I have been able to help clients lower their taxes by offering a structured HBB to clients who are taxed at a higher rate due to higher income.
  • The Credit Restoration has also helped my clients who are looking to start leveraging other entities.  I help business owners restore personal credit and jumpstart their business credit.
  • As a business owner, MWR has allowed me to build a team and earn daily residual pay without any overhead.

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