Rank Advancements
Luxury Car Bonus
Presidential Bonus
Daily Guarantee
Triple Crown

Brian N. Beane

"Mentor To Millions"

Founder of The Extra Digit Movement, Regional Director & Fastest Million Dollar Ring Earner in MWR Financial

  • Executive Director in 1 Hour
  • Senior Director in 1 Day
  • Area Director in 1 Week
  • District Director in 1 Month
  • Regional Director in 5 Months

Kristi Howard

"KashFlow Kristi"

Kristi is the FIRST female District Director in EDM.  She is also the FIRST and FASTEST female Million Dollar Ring earner in history of MWR Financial.

Shana L. Rawlings

"The Design Girl"

Shana hit Area Director in 30 days and became EDMs 2nd Female District Director in 5 months.  She is also EDM’S Creator of Marketing and Brand Development and the Senior Coordinator of Game Changer.

Charles Ivory

"The Way Maker"

Charles hit Area Director after 30 days in MWR.  He then hit District Director in 5 months.  He is also 100% debt free.  His boss recently told him he was fired to which Charles replied "SO!"

Aundray Russell

"The Comeback Kid"

Andre missed his Momentum Bonuses ($150-$900), then he hit District Director 90 days later!

Quana Sims

"The Wealth Whisperer"

Before MWR, Quana never owned a Home Based Business, in fact she never knew MLM existed! Now she’s the 3rd Female District Director in EDM history!

Lamar Bland

Mario Wright

Sugar Williams

Andre Johnson

Jason Upton

Darius Frazier

Latish Proest

Rachel Harris

Nina Caldwell

Trisha Lizama

Martha Dodd

Omar Mahmoud

Patricka Hogue

Juanda Calhoun

Donald Owens

Melvin Richardson

Shantel Flowers

Noemi Powell

Nishaea Richardson

Jocelyn Driver

Jeffery Peeples

Jason Dudley

Tequan Tull

Madeline Mayfield

Terry Ware, Sr.

Eboni Stembridge

Kimberly West

Ketty Ngona

Kala Evans

Nasha Snipes

Daniella Gonzalez

Vonda Bell

Malisha Richardson

Stephanie Shorter

Kristina Cruz

Jacquez Harper

LaComba Morgan

Shirley Perkins-Wright

O'Jetta Miley

$500-$100,000 per month

Quana Sims

Level 1 - $500/mth 

Chuck Hardon

Level 1 - $500/mth 

Cortez Springer

Level 1 - $500/mth 

Aundray Russell

Level 1 - $500/mth 

Kristi Howard

Level 2 - $1000/mth 

Charles Ivory

Level 2 - $1000/mth 

Shana Rawlings

Level 2 - $1000/mth

Brian N. Beane

Level 4 - $5000/mth 

Star Level 2 - $20 Per Day

Star Level 3 - $30 Per Day

Star Level 4 - $50 Per Day

Star Level 5 -$100 Per Day

Star Level 6 - $150 Per Day

Star Level 9 - $500 Per Day

EDM’s Triple Crown” Recipients lead the way in 3 important areas based solely on PERSONAL Enrollment Team. Each must qualify with a minimum of $1000 Presidential Bonus, $1250 Car Bonus and $100 Daily Guarantee!

Kristi Howard

Shana L. Rawlings

Charles Ivory

Aundray Russell

Brian N. Beane