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The Roadmap To ED Guide

Exposure + Edification + "Experts" + Education - Explanations - Emotions = Enrollment

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4321 Profit Party Worksheets

The following worksheet made Extra Digit the fastest growing organization in MWR Financial.  Download and print.

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SD Charts

Your roadmap to Area Director and above.

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2a. Share Using 3-Way Call Edification

Education and Edification is the key to ED!

Part I: Extra Digit Is the Root of MWR Financial 
Part II: Important Blanks to Fill In
Part III: Talk Cashflow Not Income
Part IV: Piquing Via Education and Edification
Part V: How to Properly Edify and Pass
Part VI: 3 Way Thread Example

2a. Share Using 3-Way Edification Calls

New QFD: Your goal is to simple Pique, Edify and Make a Soft Intro! Expert: Your job is to Invite to a site/zoom and eventually CLOSE!.

2b. Share Facebook/IG Memes

Extra Digit Social Media and Text Campaign

Post one of the memes below to Facebook/Instagram and reply in the comment section.  

2b. Share: Reply To Facebook Memes

Post one of the memes above to Facebook/Instagram and watch for comments.  Do not inbox the prospect.  Copy & paste your first reply (Google Voice #) publicly.

2c. Share Text Campaigns: Using Screenshots

Send 1 of the screenshots below and copy & paste script #1 to your prospects.  

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2c. Text Campaigns

Send 1 of the screenshots to your prospects

"When in doubt, call and close them out!" -BNB

3. Stay

Training is the key to financial freedom.  If you build the training, the training will build you!


Systems Create Wealth Not You

Featuring Brian Beane

Compensation Plan Secrets 

Featuring Kristi Howard

10 Ways To Get Paid

Featuring Brian Beane &
MWR CEO Brian House

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MWR Financial Corporate Call

Every Monday @ 830pmE/730C/630M/530P
Dial: 319-527-2529 (No Pin Code)

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MWR University Training Call

Every Thursday @ 830pmE/730C/630M/530P
Dial: 319-527-2529 (No Pin Code)

Download The Schedule C (EXAMPLE ONLY)

Host Your Facebook Watch Party

Allow Mr. Beane to explain MWR Financial's 4-3-2-1 Countdown to Financial Freedom.  You can host a LIVE Watch Party with him on Wednesday nights at 925pmE/825C/725M/625P.  You may also visit his page and host a Watch Party from a previous overview at any time.

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Share Conference Call Replays 24/7

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MWR Financial Comp Plan FAQ

Sponsor Placement FAQ

Financial Edge Membership FAQ

In Summary...

Should you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding your personal financial situation or the Financial Edge Membership, experts are standing by. 
Simply click: “ASK THE EXPERT!”

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